Detroit Soundsystem

D Wynn


An icon of electronic music in Detroit, D Wynn’s influence on electronic music in Detroit, the U.S. and beyond is expansive. His mentoring has shaped our culture, from DJ’s to producers, promoters, sound technicians to musicians.  

D Wynn was there building the foundation that created a movement.

As one of the original founders of Detroit’s Music Institute in the 80’s, D Wynn kept the beat going and the night moving in Downtown Detroit. The seminal underground parties of the 90’s more often than not had D Wynn in the house creating an irresistible need of all of those present to get on the dance floor and move their bodies to his soulful, powerful mixes. D Wynn was the touring DJ with breakthrough house act Inner City in the 90’s and hasn’t stopped lifting the spirits of dancers around the world since.

D Wynn has remixed and released many tracks including his collaboration with Derrick May producing music under their R-Tyme moniker which created such hits as Illusion/R-Theme, one of the original releases on the Transmit label.