Detroit Soundsystem

DJ Holographic


DJ Holographic is a one-woman funk machine born and raised on Detroit Music. Her mission is to serve a  mix of musical cuisine that contains consuming house beats, passionate R&B, and unreserved nu-disco. Join her as she concocts her next rhythmic dish.

Surrounded by members of the Detroit DJ community such as Golf Clap and Super Dre, DJ Holographic was inspired and her curiosity got the better of her. She’s had appearances in the underground scene around Detroit at Grenadier Club, Tangent Gallery, Grasshopper Underground, The Whiskey Parlor, and many more, as well as festivals such as Movement, UpNorth, and Carivari. Her mixes will put you in a mystic groove long before you leave your 9 to 5, and keep you satisfied until the sun comes up. Her DJ sets have always come to life when the crowd hangs up their responsibilities for the day and feels the truth within themselves.

As her fans say, “So hot, please take me to the top”.