Detroit Soundsystem

Ill Fusion


DJ/Producer David Kloosterman aka Ill Fusion was born in North Carolina and found his way to Detroit via South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Having traveled to England, Ireland and more, he has collected international influences that come through when he plays.

Early on David was interested in a wide range of live music genres from jazz and classical to metalcore. At times he tries to emulate Brubeck’s groovy mixed meter and the poly-rhythmic patterns of Periphery. Although enjoying many modern electronic artists, David’s finds his biggest inspiration in playing with friends, comparing and contrasted each other’s styles.

In recent years, either behind the scenes or on stage, David’s work in live sound and event production has positioned him next to the beating heart of Detroit’s House and Techno Underground. His cerebral blend of Techno, Tech House, and breaks draws people onto the dance floor and keeps them moving in a guided meditation..
Along with appearances at Tec-troit and multiple Movement after parties over the years, David has been sharing stages throughout Detroit with local and international DJs, starting spontaneous dance parties at art galleries, and grooving until sunup at the city’s underground hotspots.