Detroit Soundsystem



Since arriving in the Detroit music and party scene, Tyler Yglesias aka TYLR_ has begun to leave an original and lasting mark as both a DJ and a promoter.
A transplant from Toledo, Tyler has spent the last 12 years in Detroit soaking up the unique and diverse culture, sound of the city. He had the honer of playing alongside and learning from legendary artists such as D Wynn, Mike Huckaby, Claude Young, Vincent Patricola, and many more. With this influence and his innate talent, he mixes a far ranging set that pulls the strings of nostalgia fluidly combined with modern Detroit beats.
’The party’ is where Tyler is at home, be it on the dance floor or in the DJ booth playing. As a promoter and DJ he focuses on curating a crowd that comes together to celebrate who they are with people that want to leave judgement outside and get lost in the music.
Tyler has  played clubs both main stream and underground in Detroit, San Francisco, Miami, and Ohio. He also had the honor of playing at Movement in 2019, Micro-Movement in 2021, as well as Motor City Pride and Charivari 4 years in a row. As a promoter he along with his partners created  parties such as BAK DØR and Porno Disco.
Tyler is just getting started. He has been in the  studio preparing for the release of his first ep as well as getting back on the road performing again. With ambitions to continue building on the foundation of his time in Detroit, the future for him is one to watch.