Detroit Soundsystem



Since arriving in the Detroit music and party scene, Tyler Yglesias aka TYLR_ has begun to leave an original and lasting mark as both a DJ and a promoter.

A transplant from Toledo, Tyler has spent the last 8 years in Detroit soaking up the unique and diverse culture of the city. With this influence and his innate talent, he mixes a far ranging set that pulls the strings of nostalgia fluidly combined with modern Detroit beats.

Tyler had the honor of playing at Movement this year as well as Motor City Pride for his third year in a row. He has played with some of the most influential DJs in Detroit, from local legends like D Wynn, Bileebob, Mike Huckabee, Jason Kendig, Brian Gillespie, Dat Dwong, John Santos, John Ryan, and Alton Miller to new DJs that have been rising quickly in the scene such as John Coyle , Peter Croce, Rex Bravo, DJ Holographic, Ghita Sisters, Ryan Dahl, Loren, So Vague, and Chuck Daniels.

Tyler is just getting started. With ambitions to continue building on the foundation of his time in Detroit, the future for him is one to watch.